For the past 50 years Small & Son Oil Distribution Company has provided direct to equipment fueling on job sites. Our trucks will visit your job site on a predetermined schedule and time, to fill all of your equipment, tanks and/or vehicles. Many of our trucks carry both on and off road diesel so that we can fuel all of your equipment, not just the construction machinery. We have fueled sites consuming as much as 10,000 gallons per day, and as little as 50 gallons per day. Our services are available throughout most of Western Washington. For more information on service areas, please click on the contact link.

  • Our trucks will visit the job site on a predetermined scheduled and time
  • Eliminates risk of underground or above ground storage tanks
  • We itemize and provide you gallons per vehicle, vehicle no, or license
  • 24 hours 7 days a week emergency service
  • Day, night, and weekend deliveries
  • Increase productivity and profitability by eliminating nonproductive labor
  • We will set your price with a fixed margin over rack
  • No contracts
  • Full line of ValvTect fuel additives available