With over 60 years in the retail fuel industry Don Small and Sons together with our service division Sound Pump we are able to provide a full-service experience.   From fuel, IT, service and equipment we have a team ready to assist you in every aspect of running a retail fuel station.   

We have two brands to chose from the iconic 76 brand and Marathon fuel.  Both brands are TOP TIER® fuel which specially formulated to help remove harmful fuel deposits and keeps the engine running smoothly.   

Be Marathon - Image of gas station at night

Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC) is proud to have a premier supply network throughout the Midwest and Southeast and now in the Pacific Northwest. 

Marathon is an American company with a reputation for ethical practices and environmental responsibility. Consumers know and respond to the crisp red, white, and blue image as well as our slogan, “Fueling the American Spirit.”  

Marathon has an established presence and is a recognized leader with a commitment to safety, product quality, and environmental stewardship.  


76 is the brand name at more than 2,100 retail fuel sites in the United States. 76, with its distinctive orange ball, has been providing high-performance petroleum products and excellent customer service for more than 100 years.


Whether you’re launching a new product, trying to enter a new distribution channel, or starting from scratch, you’ll find that we have a vast array of services and expertise for you to draw from.