For over 60 years Don Small and Sons have been providing high quality fuels and lubricants to the Puget Sound region.  We carry top tier brands which include  Phillips 66, ValvolinePetro Canadaas well as 76 and Marathon fuel.   

These products are engineered to meet and exceed the demands of our customers no matter the industry. 

Industries We Serve


Don Small & Sons has provided over six decades of support to every aspect of the forestry industry.  Our team understands the rigorous demands on people and equipment.  We can help make your equipment run longer, while your team in the field works smarter. Our unique approach to product applications, inventory management, and lubrication testing will provide you with a top-to-bottom program that increases the life of your equipment and bring more profit to your bottom line. 


Don Small & Sons understands the demands of the trucking industry we not only are a supplier to fleets; we are also a fleet owner.  For over 60 years we have worked diligently to provide high quality lubricants, fuel, fuel management and service. 
Our team will work closely with you to keep your trucks on the road and out of the shop to prevent costly downtime.  We can provide oil analysis and lubrication solutions to boost productivity and lower overall operating costs as well as fuel storage solutions, and fuel cards to manage your fleets fuel consumption. 


Over the past 60 years, Don Small & Sons Agriculture division has provided customers with a wide array of lubricants, off-road fuels, oil analysis, and technical support.  The industry has changed from the local farms in the region to today’s highly advanced agricultural machinery and processes, which is why we offer the highest quality line of agricultural lubricants and fuels available.  
Our range of agricultural products satisfies the requirements of the latest specialized tractor units to older types of farming machinery and ancillary equipment including milking machines, chainsaws, stationary engines, and hydraulically operated plant machinery. In addition, we offer an extensive variety of environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable lubricants to reduce the dangers spills into the waterways. 


Our Construction division offers premium quality lubricants and fuels designed to meet the critical needs of heavy-duty construction equipment. We can provide fuel and lubricant solutions to your construction site or yard, and fleet.
Our products include high-quality oils that provide optimal performance and protection for all types of gasoline and diesel engines – as well as transmission lubricants, gear lubricants, hydraulic oils, and greases.

quick lube

Don Small and Sons Oil Company is a leading supplier of motor fuels, transmission fluids, and coolants to greater Seattle area quick lubes, tire shops, and other quality oil-change businesses. For over 60 years, we have supplied the automotive shops that help keep the Puget Sound area moving. 


We provide solutions to the aviation industry; a comprehensive array of lubricants for the commercial and general aviation industry. We supply the Phillips 66 line of turbinepiston, aviation, grease and hydraulic oils. 
The Phillips 66® line of aviation lubricants is designed to exceed your expectations with premium single and multiviscosity engine oils and the highest quality hydraulic fluids. Approved by the FAA and leading engine manufacturers around the world, the Phillips 66 line of aviation lubricants offers everything your aircraft needs from break-in to TBO 
Whether you are an FBO or own your own plane we aim to provide you with service and solutions to keep you flying.   



Thank you for choosing Small & Sons Oil Distribution Company to provide heating oil for your Seattle and Tacoma area home. We have been supplying our customers with top quality fuel oil for over 50 years and offer you two types of refill plans, “Automatic Refill” or “Will Call”.

Automatic Refill: We calculate your fuel consumption the delivery schedule that is right for you. You never have to worry about whether or not you run out of fuel.

Will Call: The customer, must monitor their own fuel consumption and place the fuel order by phone to our office.