Maintenance professionals are now taking a proactive approach to the storage, handling and dispensing of all types of oils. Lubricants must be considered as an expensive asset, that must be carefully managed if they are to provide the necessary protection for today’s increasingly complex machinery.

Safe Oil Products

Consequently, many past practices in the way lubricants are stored, handled and dispensed in the work place
need to change to ensure maximum cleanliness.

The Oil Safe range of lubricant storage and dispensing tools provide an innovative solution, which:

  • Protect valuable lubricants from contamination.
  • Make the task of lubrication easier, faster, and safer.
  • Are easy to handle, minimizing the risk of potential spills or accidents which can occur when using traditional containers, especially where heavy lifting and awkward pouring is often par for the course.
  • Feature an interchangeable system of lids, drums, and pump, meaning that the correct tool is always available at any time.

The Oil Safe range of products are durable and built to perform in even the most hostile of environments. Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Oil Safe will provide reliable service with a UV Stabilized structure for long outdoor life and static electricity concerns have been addressed by the use of anti-static additives.