For over 140 years, Valvoline has produced the best quality motor oils – longer than any other oil marketer – and has served the needs of car owners. Valvoline carefully formulates and offers a full line of motor oils to meet the specific needs of different engine types and driving conditions and to provide maximum performance and prolonged engine life. It’s proven technology that you can trust.

Valvoline Premium Oil

Valvoline’s Premium Blue Extreme 5W-40 is a premium full synthetic engine oil formulated specifically to meet the demands of today’s diesel engines.

To our knowledge, it is the only diesel engine oil proven to deliver significant fuel economy gains in on-highway Class 8 trucks using the SmartWaySM protocol outlined in the SAE J1321/TMC RP1102 Type II program. Gains of up to 3% mpg have been demonstrated by independent laboratories and verified in fleet operations.

Even after being used for 60,000 miles (96,560 km) the full synthetic formulation of Premium Blue Extreme 5W-40 delivers fuel economy that’s nearly equal to that of brand-new 15W-40 oils.

The unique additive package in Valvoline’s Premium Blue Extreme has been designed to provide superior protection for today’s cooled-EGR engines, with soot fighters, rust inhibitors, acid neutralizers and exceptional shear stability. The superior synthetic base stocks have been proven to handle the most extreme temperatures with excellent startability in sub-zero temperatures and with no thermal breakdown in desert heat.

Engine teardowns show that Valvoline’s Premium Blue helps to reduce high-temperature carbon buildup on both single and two-piece pistons, while the high level of ring and liner wear protection results in improved oil consumption control.