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Kendall Motor Oil completes the ConocoPhillips Lubricants brand portfolio. Kendall features quality products, backed by years of experience in the lubricants industry, designed to help meet the demands of todayís passenger cars and heavy-duty diesel engines.

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Part of the ConocoPhillips family of lubricants, Kendall Motor Oil enjoys a dramatic heritage. The Kendall Refining Company was founded in 1881 in Bradford, Pennsylvania, with the goal of refining local Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil into kerosene, lubricants and greases. With more than 125 years of experience to draw upon, Kendall Motor Oil has led the industry with a number of significant firsts.

In 1928, Kendall introduced the first oil designated for winter use as well as the first 2,000-mile motor oil (unprecedented at a time when the standard was 500-1,000 miles), and later developed the first pre-packaged, factory-sealed, one-quart oil can.

Kendallís innovative spirit remains vitally strong today. Our exclusive new titanium-strength engine oils give drivers a new way to protect engines against wear and reduce friction. Watch our 3-D engine demo now to see how Liquid Titanium® works.