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Over 50 Years of Fueling Your Home and Business

About Don Small & Sons Oil Distribution Company

Don Small & Sons Oil Distribution Company Don Small & Sons Oil Dist Company is a Washington based corporation founded in 1960 by Don Small with an innovative team of professional individuals the company has thrived for over 50 years. Today, under their leadership, Small & Son's, Inc. has grown into a corporation with a dedication for flexibility, as well as diversity, which allows us to effectively serve the many varied markets not only in the Greater Puget Sound Region but serve and ship products around the world. Our goal is to build customers for life and our focus is totally customer-driven to provide custom programs and services to meet and exceed our customer's business requirements and expectations.

Small & Son's has a wide variety of products and services to offer our customer base. Our diversified products and services include: 76 Lubricants, 76 branded Retail Stations and Convenience Stores., CFN Cardlock Network, Petro-Canada Lubricants, Bulk Fuel Plants, Phillips, Trick and Sunoco Race Gasoline, Alemite lubrication equipment, most popular lubricant brands such as Conoco, Valvoline, Conoco, Kendall and Zerex. As a full-line distributor of fuel and lubricants our motto is to "Build Customers for Life". We accomplished this by providing a variety of excellent products at competitive prices and delivered with impeccable service and backed with professional technical expertise. We are designed to become your one source supplier for all your fuel and lubrication needs.

Small & Sons Petroleum Brands

76 Valvoline Petro Canada Conoco 66 Sunoco CFN Oil Eater Trick Kendall